Christian Bautista

     Lagi Demam sama Christian Bautista.....!!!!
ni Cwok kwrwn banget sihhh...
Suarnya itu lhoooooo lembut bangettt....
apa lagi lagu lagunya ROMANTISS...... :)

paling sika sama For everthing Iam

download Mp3 For Everthing Iam 

I may not be beside you every day
I may run out of tender words to say
Can't promise you the world
When all i have is love
Only love

I may not be the one your thinking of
I may not fit your perfect dreams of love
One thing I know for sure
And you can rest assure
My love is always yours

Oh baby
Won't you look into my eyes and see
Beyond the things I'm not, there's love inside of me
Just love me for all things I am, love me
The lighter side, the darkest side
Try to love me for everything I am

You, you been inside
You've seen the darkest side of me
I've shown you everything I am, everything..

hope my soulmate Can love me everything I am...!

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